Farmer, Winery Worker, Teacher, Publisher
35 Years in promoting our Northern California Lifestyle!

I began my love and appreciation for wine as a child drinking wine and water with our meals. Growing up in a small Italian family winery (before Wineries were fashionable), this was our beverage of choice at meals, watered down for the children. Today everyone is so involved in the Farm to Table idea yet this idea of gardening  fresh produce for our Family Table has always been a staple of the Italian immigrants.

Having our own vegetable garden was part of our way of living— I loved to water and pick the vine-ripened tomatoes, vegetables, melons, the greens— zucchini and swiss chard are still my very favorite any time of the year. My brothers and I were part of the Family business at a very early age— we did learn how to work and realize that these ideas have helped form our ownwork ethics over the years.


I  enjoyed my many years of teaching young children and when taking  adult evening courses in Photography and Creative Writing  for pleasure, I realized how I now wanted to work in the Wine Industry. It came as a chance that I met a person in Seattle who owned Steppin’ Out in the Pacific Northwest and Sun Valley— he was pleased to back me in starting a tourist magazine for  the North Coast. At that time, Mendocino was an Artist Colony and there were so many stories about Art and  Artists that needed to be told and no one telling the stories. Fort Bragg as a Fishing village had wonderful places to eat, many trails to be explored and tales to tell about the early logging days. I  purchased the trademark for all of California and today concentrate on promoting my  own Northern area.

As I grew up in Cloverdale, the most Northern part of Sonoma County, I knew many of the winemaking families. It was natural that I expanded my coverage to Sonoma County and Napa promoting the people and businesses that I knew there.

After my grown sons moved from the Bay Area  to new jobs in the Sacramento area, I decided to find a small place in the Foothills to be closer to them and their families. Now with five almost grown grandchildren, I want to see them as much as possible, to  share in their lives. There are so many discoveries now living in Auburn and Truckee. I’m so pleased to be in the Sierra Foothills to enjoy both the Mountains, Lake Tahoe Area and the Foothills with rich gold country history,  great wines and foods to be found, superb vistas— and, many more stories to be told.



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